2023 South Carolina Emerging Artist Grant
A pivotal moment for me was receiving the 2023 South Carolina Emerging Artist Grant through the South Carolina Arts Commission, a six month mentorship, networking opportunities and professional resources.  Through this experience, I was able to develop my voice and mission as an artist and gain confidence in what a career in art would look like for me.  The monthly meetings, resources provided and networking opportunities with peers, strengthened my confidence in my photography and the impact it would have on the world.

This experience taught me to talk about my work in a purposeful way:  “When I present my work, I provide an outlet for stillness and quiet introspection, allowing space for the viewer’s authenticity to shine through.”

Catalysts Channels is a personally meaningful collection where I was able to define who I am as an artist and how my art impacts others around me. This project, like my journey, twisted and turned in unexpected ways, leading to a positive destination and a cohesive collection of art that resonated with others.  This series of photographs serves as a conduit for others seeking tranquility and purpose, a place to immerse themselves in moments they might not have encountered otherwise. 
Catalysts are change agents, guiding the pendulum of life forward. Each morning the sun rises,resetting for a new day and allowing a new course to be charted.  For me,
tree roots are catalyst channels that are full of unexpected, playful twists and turns mapping the journey forward and everything unexpected and beautiful
along the way. 
What serves as your Catalyst Channel? 

*This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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